Have the Bear and Margin Shorts Been Trapped? Pasted Again in...

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The following link is an image of a Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic #1:

Phase C is beginning in this Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic #1 for BTCUSD BitStamp "IN MY OPINION."

It is in phase C that the coin/stock price goes through a decisive test of the remaining supply, allowing the “smart money” operators to ascertain whether the stock is ready to be marked up. A spring is a price move below the support level of the TR (Trading Range) established in phases A and B that quickly reverses and moves back into the TR . It is an example of a bear trap because the drop below support appears to signal resumption of the downtrend. In reality, though, this marks the beginning of a new uptrend, trapping the late sellers, or bears. In Wyckoff's method, a successful test of supply represented by a spring (or a shakeout) provides a high-probability trading opportunity. A low-volume spring (or a low-volume test of a shakeout) indicates that the coin/stock is likely to be ready to move up, so this is a good time to initiate at least a partial long position with the capital you're willing to invest in the particular coin/stock.

The appearance of a SOS (Sign Of Strength) shortly after a spring or shakeout validates the analysis. As noted in Accumulation Schematic #2 in this link , however, the testing of supply can occur higher up in the TR without a spring or shakeout; when this occurs, the identification of phase C can be challenging.

Books by Wyckoff can be found here. However, make sure to scroll down till you see the name, Richard Wyckoff. MANY other books on trading can be found here as well. Excellent source of trading material FREE online:

An excellent video to start with on teachings for Wyckoff by David H. Weis can be found here: "David Weis on Wyckoff, Support/Resistance , and Waves" -

Charts with indicators will follow soon.
評論: 360m (6h) TF With Indicators:

評論: Daily (1440m) TF with comments in the indicators:



評論: On a serious note... Something else serious technical traders might find interesting:
評論: It's been 11 hours since my last chart update. Here is the 360m TF:

評論: 360m (6h) TF:

720m (12h) TF:

1440m (Daily) TF:

評論: I've had very little sleep the past couple of days while working on 2017 year end taxes for my business. I thought I would post an update before getting some sleep. I need to get up very early in the morning. It's already 1:18am here.

Happy Trading!

評論: I posted the BLUE text bubbles again to let everyone know it's POSSIBLE we are still in Accumulation but in a much larger trading range.
評論: An example from 2015 in the same 1080m TF:

評論: Is it possible we could be in store for several months of sideways for the purpose of accumulation after dropping from $19,666 to $5,920 (A 70% drop)???

Sure, it's possible. I'm not going to say that will NOT occur but it's my opinion that scenario is not as likely as the one I envision with a Wyckoff SPRING beginning mid March to Mid April and coming to a climax in mid May to mid June.
評論: We are currently around the 0.618 FIB RT (ReTrace) at $8,123.82.

Here's a look at the indicators in the 180m TF. It's certainly possible we get a bounce up around this 0.618 FIB RT when looking at the indicators. I'm still trying to determine if we stay up off this bounce.

評論: I was a bit concerned March 11 in a post a made in a blue text bubble about the Blue LSMA "NOT" having gone down to the 20% level. That post can be seen here:

Here is the Daily (1440m) TF "TODAY":

A look at the Daily (1440m) TF WITHOUT indicators:

If we go below the lower black line of that LARGE BLACK WEDGE I've drawn on the chart, then it's likely we are following the Blue Schematic and not the Black Schematic.

評論: I'm learning we should give the Daily (1440m) and 2 Day TF Godmode 3.1 Mod with LSMA indicator much more respect when the LSMA has peaked above 80% and on it's way down to 20% and lower level. Meaning, if it has not made it down to 20% level yet after coming down from an 80% or higher peak, we should probably be VERY careful about drawing conclusions of a potential reversal.
評論: Clarifying or completing the last sentence in the previous post (statement):

"Meaning, if the Blue LSMA has not made it down to the 20% level yet AFTER coming down from an 80% or higher peak, we should probably be VERY careful about drawing conclusions of a potential reversal UNTIL THE BLUE LSMA HAS MADE IT DOWN TO THE 20% OR LOWER LEVEL.

Hopefully, that made my previous statement more clear.
評論: "It Has Begun, These Conditions Preceded the Last 7 Recessions - Episode 1521a"
評論: When looking at the indicators in the Daily (1440m) TF, it looks like we have a good chance of reversal this weekend. Maybe Sunday...


The Black Schematic I first posted was rejected and the Blue Schematic is in play. Now that the Blue Schematic is in play, we have two possibilities. We will not realize WHICH Accumulation Schematic we are in until another 3 to 14 days.

Image of Accumulation Schematic #1:

Image of Accumulation Schematic #2:

Both Schematics with description of EVENTS within the schematics can be found in the following link:

If we drop substantially below the lower black line of the big wedge I've drawn, we are more than likely in Accumulation Schematic #1:

If we remain at or near the lower black line of the big wedge before going up, we are more than likely in Accumulation Schematic #2:
評論: The black lines with arrows I've drawn on the previous chart to depict POSSIBLE future price movement IS A MIXTURE of both Accumulation Schematics #1 and #2.

I should have took time to do this yellow schematic a little better but it will suffice.


評論: We are currently looking more like Accumulation Schematic #1 (Yellow). However, do NOT think we must go down below previous low of $5,790.72. We can go down to a level higher than previous low before going up to test Supply again.
評論: A little bit of Crypto Trading Motivation with a song during this low time for crypto: "Chris Record - HODL GANG - Bitcoin Rap Gucci Gang Remix Parody #hodlgang" -

I feel pretty good that wherever we go down to here, we will not stay down long at all. I believe we will come back up to the magenta BASE rectangle I placed on the chart. I'm "speculating" $7,200 to $7,555 range as low as we possibly go. Some may think I'm "crazy" for saying ONLY that low and not lower. I honestly don't care. I'm simply giving my "opinion."

評論: Possible future price movement; based on what I'm seeing in the 12h (720m) TF:

評論: 180m (3h) TF:

360m (6h) TF:

評論: The 180m and 360m TF's I posted previously are what I consider, "Short Term."

This 720m (12h) and 1440m (Daily) are what I consider, "Mid Term."

720m (12h) TF:

1440m (Daily) TF:
評論: 180m/360m TF's (Short Term TA)
720m/1440m TF's (Mid Term TA)
2-Day/4-Day TF's (Long Term TA)

Pay no mind to the red lines on the chart in the 2-Day and 4-Day. I have not updated those according to these higher TF's.

2-Day TF:

4-Day TF:
評論: This post of the Daily (1440m) TF is for those who may be curious how it compares to the previous Daily TF I posted approximately 2 hours ago. This is NOT a 2-Day or 4-Day chart. THIS IS THE DAILY (1440m) TF for you to COMPARE INDICATORS AND HOW THEY CHANGED WHEN A NEW DAILY CANDLE BEGAN:

評論: 360M (6h) TF:

720m (12h) TF:

1440m (24h - Daily) TF:
評論: I'm not creating a new publication yet to make this report. Those who have follow me may be the fortunate ones to realize NOW may be the perfect time to get in long. Explained in the Purple text bubble... You'll know what I mean if you followed this publication from the beginning.

Price Down Pick Up!!!

評論: StoneLuv (below) said, "How many times is an analyst allowed to change their mind before they aren't taken seriously?"

I will tell ANYONE the same thing I told him:

"I could care less what you think. If you don't want to take me seriously, that's your prerogative."

My "ideas" I post are NOT forcing anyone to make their trades based on MY IDEAS. What I'm posting is simply an "IDEA."

If you don't like the idea, I would appreciate you not being sarcastic in remarks in the comments section. If you don't agree with the idea and wish to post an IDEA of your own in the comments section to ENCOURAGE DISCUSSION, I'm totally fine with that. I want to encourage discussion.

However, if your only intent is to be sarcastic and demeaning, I WILL report you to moderators.


評論: The schematic I'm referring to (for late comers) is in the following image:
評論: 1 hour remaining on current 12h candle. We may have a decent chance of a turn to the upside within the next 1 to 13 hours based on what we're seeing with the Phoenix ARI and Stochastic RSI.

評論: That Blue LSMA in the 360m (6h) scares the hell out of me. We've been here before. That's why I'm thinking one last push down just below the TR (Trading Range) marked by the bottom of the Aqua rectangle:

Have a look at the 4-Day TF as well:

評論: A new X22 Report Spotlight video involving Crypto just came out about an hour ago.

The title: "The Hammer Is About To Fall, The Central Banks Are Obsolete: V, Z, Cowboy and Frank" -
評論: Per request of CashFlowCrypto, I'm posting the following TF's for those who use Godmode and Stochastic RSI: 60m, 120m, 180m, 240m, 360m, 720m, 1440m, 2-Day, 3-Day, 4-Day, 5-Day and 7-Day Time Frames in the "Followers Comments" section below. Simply scroll down more and you will see them.
評論: Update with 2-Day and 4-Day TF's:

評論: I mentioned about 10 Days ago I expect another spike down. I mentioned that while we were starting to go up again to $7,500. I knew it was coming back down because of what I was seeing in the 4-Day and 5-Day TF's on the indicators. I'm expecting a reversal to a bull trend no later than Sunday, April 15th. I'm not quite sure if we go below the Trading Range (TR) or remain above it. If we go below it, it won't be too far below it and indicate Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic #1 is in play: If we remain within the Aqua Box (TR), then this would be a good indication we are in Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic #2:
評論: Last update for the evening...

Here is the 12h and Daily (720m & 1440m):

評論: I will start a new publication for BTCUSD very soon

In the meantime, I thought you might like this look at the 7-Day TF in a Pull-Back-View (PBV):

@ProwdClown can you post another screen shot of your chart with the current and updated Phoenix 1.393 and Phoenix Ari/Stoch RSI indicators? I don't have access to those. Really appreciate buddy. Thank you in advanced.
ProwdClown CashFlowCrypto
@CashFlowCrypto, Any particular Time Frame or multiple TF's?
ProwdClown CashFlowCrypto
@CashFlowCrypto, Do you want me to post the following:

180, 360, 720, 1440, 2-Day and 4-Day?
CashFlowCrypto ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, yes please....that would be very very very helpful
CashFlowCrypto CashFlowCrypto
@CashFlowCrypto, I hoping for one last dip or I can pick up some LTC below $110...need to see those indicators to see if there is even a chance for that to happen
ProwdClown CashFlowCrypto

Per your request, CashFlowCrypto,

I'm posting the following TF's for those who use Godmode and Stochastic RSI: 60m, 120m, 180m, 240m, 360m, 720m, 1440m, 2-Day, 3-Day, 4-Day, 5-Day and 7-Day Time Frames.

60m and 120m:

120m and 180m:

180m and 240m:

240m and 360m:

360m and 480m:

480m and 720m:

720m and 1080m:

1080m and 1440m:

1440m and 2-Day:

2-Day and 3-Day:

3-Day and 4-Day:

4-Day and 5-Day:

5-Day and 7-Day:
CashFlowCrypto ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, YAY!!!! you're the man!!
ProwdClown CashFlowCrypto

Happy I could help... ; )
Hypothetically speaking what happens to the schematic if we break our base and trendline to the downside?
ProwdClown omgcoindaddy

Depends on how much to the downside as to whether I would say we are officially in a Distribution Schematic with a SOW (Sign of Weakness) Phase D.
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