Bitcoin is not going above 20k within 2018

Hi guys. I don't want you to believe me but this is what is going to happen as my analysis. Just wait and watch what will happen until 2019. I am not saying that Bitcoin will go as exact positions I mentioned but it will go around them. We will follow indicators and patterns for getting perfect positions time to time. I am suggesting you to sell when BTC will go around 15k . It could be the best position to exit the market if you are a long-term holder. But if I am wrong and BTC will go above 20k without dropping anymore then you can buy again by finding best position. Because then we are secure I think. This is my strategy at this time. I am going to do that. I cant explain you much because I am not good in English. I just have limited vocabulary to talk. I will update this idea as it needed with new positions. I hope you could understand. This idea could be useful for those guys who trading on leverage.

Bitcoin is going to drop 3k it's not mean we cant get profit in that time or end of crypto. We just can't only watch dropping market. We need some entertainment and of course money this whole year. We can still get profit from it but it is too risky. Stay away if you cant see market daily at least 10 times maybe or you don't want to lose money. Of course, after this all happen it will get up again and rise to the Marse (Moon is too close) and also “There's always light after the dark."

Now our target is around 15k . I will update this idea in few hours again with perfect position.

Good Luck

(I take 2 hours for writing only this one paragraph. Now you can understand how's my English. But it can't affect on my analysis of course.)
評論: My trader friends are saying that it is just a correction. But I think you can call correction to drop maximum 50%. But when it drops more than that, It is crashing dude. Corrections are good always of course and crash also I think. Because we have huge opportunity to start again from lowest price. We have to ready always for both things. We have enjoyed profits by looking rising everything. But this is the time we have to see largest dips. It will give us a great opportunity to start over for the long run.

I want to tell you this idea is purely based on technical analysis. It can be wrong too fundamentally.

So I am expecting more drop to 6500$. But we have a hammer candlestick pattern at the last lowest point. It is telling us price can reverse from here. We will accept it right if today's candle will close least the center of the previous candle. The good thing is I am expecting to rise 16800 in both ways. We have to follow the boxes I have made on the chart and please don't panic if price 1,2% up or down from mentioned positions. It can happen. We have to see the closing price of the day. So let's see what will happen next.

Thanks for your support and Good Luck.

評論: Hammer candlestick pattern is failed to be right. The last candle is not closed in the center or above the previous one.

評論: Its just a big bearish pennant.
評論: Now 3k is not so far.
everything will be fine with crypto.remember what CZ said - "it's will be blink on the radar"
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There is no basis on this analysis and if something like this happened - it would be a catastrophe for crypto as a whole. The rich would make a killing off weak hands and people would feel EVEN MORE SO than now that the market is impossibly manipulated. 60% swings down and 50% swings up every month - give me a break...
Thank You very much.
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What is this based on?
Thanks!! You can use google translation in order to facilitate.
firdosi Sidney-CWB
@Sidney-CWB, Thank you but It is not working well for the Urdu language. I hope they improve it soon.
Agha damet garm, eval.

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