buying bitcoin has changed my life forever, i was blessed to know and invest in bitcoin at one digit prices. now im sharing my next big pick.

a new coin is out, it's called bitnet, ticker is BTN ... currently trading at this exchange:
and main site for info is :
the coin is about companies and indiviuals who are willing to invest their bitcoins at other stuff than bitcoin , such as real estate , tech companies, etc,.. this company search and provide the top investments you can make with your bitcoins .
for example if someone want to purchase an apartment in Berlin, he will have to purchase bitnet coins, and bitnet team will do the rest of the work for him.
that will drive the price of BTN up like crazy in long term. and that's why you should invest big in it, imagine big companies who are interested buying real estate and in startups with bitcoin and bitnet, each purchase of 50 btc and more will make btn price go above 0.01 btc , currently trading at 35k sat only

early birds catch the worm!
i suggest grapping a lot (20+btc worth) before it goes into a bigger exchange such as bittrex next!
評論: if you are looking to buy 5-30 btc worth of it, send me a message right now.
better now, before it start taking off and goes up x300 in 3 months
I bought exactly on the first candle of your chart in 2011 XD
JorgeAbascal JorgeAbascal
I couldn't save all my bitcoins tho
... joined 13 days ago... seems legit.
I am dumping my BTC for BTN right away. I guess there is no other way to buy a real estate in Berlin but through BTN. A bridge you simply have to cross as Warren Buffett would put it.
Awful shilling attempt.
Level of insight provided makes me doubt you purchased BTC at single digit levels
@rioZG, thanks for your kind words, these kind of comments make me think twice if to share advice for free or not. anyway, im pretty sure you will come to say i was right later
rioZG cryptomegabull
@cryptomegabull, vigorous trading on that site. You can buy whole 0.025 BTC worth of BTN with a bid ask spread of 150%. Great tip. Thanks again. I guess unloading 20 BTC would make 1 BTN worth more than 1 BTC.
Keep us informed about such gems.
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