BTC About to Pop Off

I'm not an expert, I don't have any degree or hobby that would justify anyone believing me, and strongly encourage people to skip on by it. It's a prediction based on a pattern I believed I noticed using the small amount of schooling I have. It's a simple prediction and if it comes true I just like to say I told ya so and want proof. Good luck all, and may the coins be ever in your favor.
評論: Maybe should have given myself more credit here. Definitely staying on track and sticking within the consolidation zone as we approach my predicted jump off point. However, in a dangerous area traveling under our trend. If BTC is going to jump off we will have to break the trend and as in the past a large number of new buyers tend to enter the market at the trend line causing the jump offs.

We still have upward trending peaks indicating future growth and I would expect to see one more jump to the top of our consolidation around 15k, and then a very fast sell off with the big time upward trend for the future. Due to this not being a regular market the news stories cause huge trends. I would watch for any news stories and play them as you see fit. This market rises and falls strictly on emotion and the decisions of a few whales who will be playing the news or making the news.

May the coins be with you!
its 14.900 again, just fuck off already
RBibeault terrahigh
@terrahigh, can't get emotional over the values. Remember, this crypto market is going to rise and fall more than any stock you've ever seen because it's filled with amateur investors who aren't used to seeing huge drops. If you are looking for the cheapest prices possible the whales are playing pump and dump to screw over everyone they can and cash in big. It's a big risk, but I was able to buy a large amount of BTC during their initial sell off at $11k two nights ago. Just remember 40% of the BTC is owned by less than 1000 investors and with no SEC regulations when they decide the parties over it's good night Sally for the rest of us and it will all happen during what looks like a quick buy and sell that just won't come back
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