Bitcoin bull starting NOW

just went long 100x margin LUL
交易進行: good bounce but the volume
評論: confirmation incoming
評論: still bullish
But AOL all the way down on margin! Circa 1999
I'm new, but would think we'd at least see a big spike in buy volume. We just had less volume now than during this morning's dip to this level. If you truly did, hope it works out for you!
eFund chwi03
@chwi03, day candle didnt closed yet but your right, the volume is the only thing still bearish right now
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So let me see in a bull trend without any confirmation of reverse of the trend. You go Long in margin . You really dont like money . Good luck .
Lets hope this dont keep dropping like the past 5 days. On margin is very very risk what you did.
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eFund megatraderpt
@megatraderpt, i literally showed you Ichimoku, fib and trendline support in this chart....
@eFund, Yes I see the Ichimoku. First rule dont trade in the cloud . when you are in the cloud you dont know what side is going to move. You are not bullish not bearish. And you are showing me the daily chart. so you are thinking not for a intraday trade but a longer trade(Because in shorter terms ichimoku are even worst both bear in the 4 hours and 1 hour. For me is just gambling what you did.
Hope you do well with your trade. And sorry didnt wanted to be rude . Just didnt see in your chart anything that can tell that you are putting yourself in a high problably sucess trade
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eFund megatraderpt
@megatraderpt, I was teached that the Kumos are always demand - supply zones just like the fib and the trendline which are all merely overlapping each other. Since its beneath that current price they are demand.

eFund megatraderpt
@megatraderpt, btw, the higher the timefram, the more important the shown support / resistance are

I hope you put a stop loss on your short man
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