Bitcoin: The signs of the King?

Dear everyone,
I'm going to do quick update.

You may notice I have updated the price channel that i have missed in the previous posts.

As you can see, We not only brokeout the horizontal price level but also brokeout the price channel .

This is a new level and it's hard for our King falling down the previous price channel .

Beside the previous resistance price channel became our support price channel , we have the green Ichimoku cloud is standing by.

We may dip below the cloud and even the price channel but at this far it become our oppotunities to stand up with our King one more time.

With a mini Daily trendline that i highlighted by pink.

So now:
  • We have Support price channel .
  • We also have a mini up trendline .
  • Plus strong old reaction area.
  • Include above the Ichimoku .
  • And end up with the fourth corrective wave.
  • Indicators show down move momentum not weak but i believe it's end soon.

With these factors above will you going to pull your trigger? and a good price is near $11000 or a bit higher.

At least we can face our "All time high" and our long-term is move beyond that.

Hope this post is useful to you. Thanks for reading
Happy Trading Day and Take care

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