Started From The Top and now I'm Bear

Conversely Drake's song "started from the bottom".

target for taking profit $5400-$5500
Target area is right before 200 ema as most BTC people are very bullish . I suspect a bounce before or on 200 ema for 4 hour.

-rising wedge
-BTC/USD has been buckling for weeks.
-Volume is dropping off as well.
-4hr stoch rsi (94.8,94.789), suggesting overbought on 4 hour and medium pullback within a few candles.
-With Devcon 3 for Ethereum , I suspect ETH/BTC will pump and perhaps ETH/USD will have a 50-200 bullish cross on 4 hour.
-my proprietary tool says we are buckling.
-Also if you look at Dian Kemala's btc/usd idea...the 3 drives idea suggests correction is very likely if we cannot break above ~6482 This woman seems almost godlike with her ideas.
-Lastly even with btc at this price, we have barely touched new total market cap ATH of around ~182.6B from Pre-China ICO bans. I think today we hit 183B.

From here we see if btc/usd breaks resistance or breaks down.
Stop Limit ~ 6500.
If this target hits we see if it bounces to $6800 or falls more.
評論: Dian's other idea from today:
評論: her bearish 3 drives pattern, that has been quite precise.
評論: Ethereum Devcon 3 (november 1st to November 4th). The chart's I've seen and this fundamental event says capital can exit crypto market or goto ethereum and other alt coins. Here is ethereum's devcon 3 agenda. I would say this has a medium-high likelihood of occurring.
評論: I made a mistake in this idea. I did not draw the bullish trendline. The 4 hour candle has just bounced off of it. Oh well, live and learn. This trade is closed.
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