A simillar move has happened before, so don't be surprised.
Short now and place your limit buys around 200.
Give it a little overhead up to 320 though ...


the question is if 200 will be the real bottom or more to go
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F.U. Papa5
i would be surprised we'd stop anywhere near 200 if we break 240. the panic and bag-holder dumping would be enough to get us to double digits. But personally, I dont think BTC will break 240- too many people invested in this already to just let that happen without a fight.
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then how about 222 ?
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RD33 MagnusTradingGroup
How about 250?
it may just stop at 240 right on the red trendline ... worth taking some profits atleast :) thx
up to 315 then ... break down 200 ?...
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ChartArt khoilevt
That's how you make money...
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