Bears dominance. Yet.

992 12
Price broke down the Sign2 and opens way to new lower lows: 1700 or even 1600.
The Elliot Wave pattern 1-2-3-4-5 expected.

Look for 1-2-3 waves prehistory in the Related idea.
評論: Above 2200, target 2400-2500
評論: Looks like the move up is stalling. Below 2200 and yellow trend line, turn to downside expected.
評論: When a new low is higher than fib 0,382 we'll see a new move up, potentially up to 2400. BUT. As you see, the trend little by little is turning down, to fib 0,618 retrace. The yellow EMA now became a resistance.
評論: Resistance is overcome. New resistance @ 2350 forward. And the new goal is probably 2500
Longs on EMA's /fib trendlines
Some bounces expected from support levels. Move up not ended.
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If the current high is 2350, and price falls below 2200, could be the following scenario. Look to the fib retrace levels in all cases:
ZIKU Like2Move

Its now Good moment to sell few btc? In your opinion more chance to up or down ?
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@ZIKU, No. Wait for trend turn down. Look to comment above.
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@ZIKU, excuse me, Shorts in my mind ;) You can sell few btc, of course.
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Is it worth selling in part bitcoin and watching the next move?
Like2Move cardan6006
@cardan6006, You can follow what happens next. But, in my opinion, it is worth selling at 2200 - there will be an opportunity to buy cheaper.
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Drama II: break up or fall down.
Trendline broken, bearish bounce has a new target T1
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