ive done my research. Parabolic movements go down 85-95% from ATH . BTC is likely to hit the 85% mark so that would be 3k usd. Which is very possible.
Looking at past examples of parabolic movements of BTC in 2014, 2011. BTC did have 85% retraction from ATH . The bull trap shown in the chart is there on every year Bitcoin has gone parabolic.
Good luck yall

評論: If 6.5k doesnt hold, buy around 5.7k and sell on the bull trap @ 11.5k
評論: if it breaks yellow trendline, sell your shit
評論: Update tot he current situation:
評論: some update on the current situation from my other ideas.
評論: trendline broke pretty fast, ''target'' still the same
評論: This is it. I dont believe we will got any higher than what the current high was. 3-4k target
It is amazing how the past behaviour affects the present behaviour. Thank you for your idea, I thought the bull trap had appeared yet (in February).
One thing is clear. People’s behaviour is and will be the same for thousands of years, since this behaviour of greed/fear has been acquired for years to fit the context in which we live. We have changed our way of living since the first Homo sapiens sapiens, but our brain oldest feelings haven’t changed that much.
That said, we know the next top of the next parabolic shape will behave similar to this one.

My chart showed another thing, but having a look at your chart after having searched some info, I think I’m not correct with my ideas.
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Andbcoin Andbcoin
@Andbcoin, This was my chart, previous to the pump I didn’t expect at all, @laxrius

laxrius Andbcoin
@Andbcoin, Yeah, i've looked at it. I compared 2018 with 2014. Back in 2014 we broke big resistance trend line few weeks after the US tax deadline. I see a lot of people comparing 2018 with 2014, but they still think the bottom is very close. I believe the bottom this parabola will happen this year in Nov-Dec. 3k :)
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Andbcoin laxrius
@laxrius, Let’s see what happens but I support your idea ;)
Check out my latest idea. Posted yesterday.
So, you are counting on an ABC correction up, and then an impulse down to 3k? My TA says we are in wave 3 of a 5 wave (impulse down), so we go to somewhere between 4k and 5k before we go up in a nice ABC correction. I agree in general with your chart, but predicting an impulse down to $3k after that is hard ... who knows.
@MAGICMARK, Im not counting on any ABC bullsht. History is bound to repeat itself. 3k is definitely going to happen without a doubt. I think we could see a slight decline in price in the following days, but a rise in the following weeks.
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