BTC/USD, like any teen remora: it's confused.

Hi ravers!

Everybody is like, should I go short or long?! Should I smoke or should I die?

Well, I'm not here to sum-up what Top Authors are writing, but btc is in middle of something. Oh yeah!
Looking at the 15 minutes chart, and after or meanwhile there's a mini uptrend rally going on, I see that remoras could get trapped as the whales are moving subtly. The RSI Stoch is getting to an over bought territory in this time frame, even though in the hourly chart it seems confident and with more room to rise up. In that way, what's interesting to pay some special attention right now, is that the 50-MA is being tested as resistance at the moment, which means that the 20-EMA is feeling comfortable as support for the bulls, and that could add some credence to the up-trend in a larger time frame. I dunno...
I'm still short, waiting and or expecting the 5.9k/6k bottom. But I'm not sure is going to happen before the bulls get to the 7k.... Maybe I'm too stoned BUT... Do you think is it going to go down 200 bucks or is going to get to 6.8-7k first? Have we bounced already?

Peace bros, soccer world cup is starting tomorrow!
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