BTC going to 3.5k a piece

Once we break 6.4k big panic sellers will dive in and bring us to new lows, time is near.
Keep in mind we may not be at such cheap prices for too long and the market will try to shake you out once go long.

Be safe.
評論: 4.5k Seems more likely than 3.5k. Beware.
評論: Things are looking interesting for BTC now, 6k bottom held very well and could be the final bottom. Only time will tell.
評論: There is a possibility that we might not see 3.5k upcoming weeks will be crucial.
3.5k is too close to extintion because that's the average mining cost for 1 BTC in China. Miners need profits and whales will make sure that they make that profit...otherwise everything could just go extinct and nobody wants that :)
Possibly but not falling for the bulltraps is going to be hard.
Absolutely! Literally saving as much as I can to get in , predicting end June/July. Until then I’m staying out of cryptos.
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