$BTC still in ABC correction

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As long as BTC doesnt break up through the blue trendline , I'm awaiting further downside towards the blue box to complete the ABC correction.

Right now in a pennant and could break any moment, or do one more leg up.
The flat pattern which I showed this morning on Twitter is also still a bit in play but normally the spike down invalidates this pattern. But all other movements fit in a flat pattern. In that case we already made last leg up and as this flat is Trend Continuation Pattern, it should go down.

Fundamentally: more and more rumours about bad news from China....

Be cautious, check your alts and dont become a badholder if this plays out.
Sep 13
評論: We may get some correction here, before final push to complete the ABC correction
Sep 13
評論: We saw the break out and made a bullflag.
Projection some fibo extensions, which I always use for target determination, I've come to the following possible path for a last push into the blue box around 3500

Sep 14
評論: Target reached, I'm expecting a bounce in this area
Sep 14
評論: Forgot to post the chart

what about retest 3k again?
Crypto U are THE MAN!!! Big thank u! Whenever u are in Romania, just let me knw - drinks on me!!! @Crypto_Ed
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What's the bounce target you are expecting ?
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Do you mind to draw the fib in this chart? I got a possible retrace till 3387 (0.5FIB) but I'm afraid that was a "lucky" drawing... Just to compare ;)
Thank u for your insights! Can u please update on the current situation? Big thank you!
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@sdpteff, no update needed's going like planned
Isnt that TP a bit greedy? My problem comes when setting tp zones :(
Agree. Your upside hopes on holding Bitcoin is less than 15%, whereas the risk of holding, at the current moment is more than 30%. Stockpile cash and wait for a buy opportunity. There is no point in taking a large risk here.
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What exchanges can you short bitcoin if your a US customer. Gdax is down, Bitfinex quit accepting US customers.... Please help
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@Sabatino84, Gemini, kraken
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