My long time prediction for BTC .

"This is not an investment advice. Do your own research."
評論: Waves are smaller. This sunday/monday will be important.
評論: We are getting closer to weak hands zone. Enjoy your popcorn..
Hello =) can you explain in your chart, if you would be so kind, to explain why you think it will drop to 3k? We just saw a dip into the 9k's and I do see many people saying 6k,7k,8k, and some 3k's. I understand support levels, and also that it is possible. I am just asking why you, and other, seem to see such a retracement for this correction. I do not disagree, I am just wondering why you think we will see such a low. Thank you for sharing your idea and chart.
@Bitcpd027, wishful thinking..This is what it looks like today. Things change everyday.
i think so