BITTREX:BTGBTC   Bitcoin Gold / Bitcoin
Stoch RSI seems to reverse for 3h and 6h

Looking to sell in old resistance areas but will keep some in case a bigger move will play.

It may go as low as 0.012 but will add to current position if it does.
評論: 6h - trading in cloud, Stoch RSI reversed, MACD seems to reverse, trading at base of Bollinger Bands

4h - left the resistance cloud, trading above support cloud, Stoch RSI heading up

1h - heading to cloud, Stoch RSI pinned up, MACD up

30m - touched cloud, Stoch RSI heading up, MACD up
評論: Will add more under the 6h cloud.

Same targets remain valid.
Check out the 1hour ichimoku cloud. Also remember there is evidence of whales purposely dumping the coin down. I see them stir things up every-time it starts stagnating.
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WealthMurphy thomas58700
@thomas58700, thanks. I am aware of possible manipulation but at the moment I see an uptrend. I rarely trade fundamentals or anything besides TA and market psychology. Anyway, on Telegram group I frequently tell people to use stop losses for trades that already have generated profit for them, so they can protect against wale moves; but this also is a two-edged sword.
thomas58700 WealthMurphy
@WealthMurphy, Cool, thanks for the updates, I wasn't able to update my post today for btg
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