BTGBTC Buy Opportunity don't miss

BITFINEX:BTGBTC   Bitcoin Gold / Bitcoin
BTG looks went to its dips .. as we know when BTG go up doing it so fast and it is not growing slow and we sew that many times ...

this coin was sleeping for some time but it will not do that for ever ... and after showing some good volume signals we may put eyes on the coin

in my opinion i think it is the best time to get in and invest in this coin and i think it is heading to good profit .. lets go there and tell you how to trade in BTG

Targets are

1- 0.0250000
2- 0.0333700
3- 0.0500000

stop loss at


all what we need and waiting for is some more volume suppourt then we will be happy

hope you good trades ... and don't forget to suppourt me with a like and clicking on follow ...
see you in other idea ...
交易進行: that what i call good jobe
評論: heading to the first target
交易進行: 32% profit just since this idea was published
評論: please don't foget the like and follow buttun
交易進行: not so much is left for first target
交易結束:目標達成: first taget is reached on bittrex within 15 hours
交易結束:目標達成: completly the first taret was reached
look what we got ... flying to the next target
評論: touch suppourt at 0.02 another chance to get in long
if it drop more buy at 0.017
評論: suppourt is broke going more back
評論: BTG traing to hold it position at 0.02 and keep suppourt line safe without breaking it down ...
手動結束交易: right at support expecting to go more dipper
when reup to 0.05???
tom_d pawela122
@pawela122, looks like it has started ...
+2 回覆
@tom_d, to 0.05????
nice call
+1 回覆
MuhammadKarzoun johnbousquet4th
so this rise till be rich .050000?
Major announcement coming 15th Janu 2017 for BTG

ckaty iwalkonwater
@iwalkonwater, It's been known since jan 11 but BTG pump started like only 8 hours ago
+1 回覆
HODL until end of jan
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