it looks like we are fighting well but TRON won't be strong enough to fight the hole market .. btc may still at downtrend movment untill it reach 9000$ for that time the market may start to bleed as the last week .

TRX is one of my best coins wich has good future with good project ...

lets move now to how to trade ...
at the current support line it is hard to tron to keep holding it is position with the btc down move ...
in the next few hours it will break it .. then we are moving to next support between the 0.00000535 sats

tragets are
  • 1- 0.00000744
    2- 0.00000960
    3- 0.00001252
    4- 0.00001885
stop loss at 0.00000448

have a good trade ...
thanks for reading and please don't forget like &follow and i will be so happy to leave great commnet .!
評論: holding the current support line with not a big chance to break out
評論: short target is 0.00000690
交易進行: TRX is listed now on Bitfinex ...
交易進行: even we break the support TRX has big room to grow up feel free to buy more and more every time going down
評論: no volume no break out .. still at plan until reach stop loss
評論: move your stop loss up to 0.00000565
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