EOSBTC warning .. don't say i didn't warn you

chart is enough to get what i ment
評論: EOS has more than 50% increas 0f price last few days ... on the chart we can see tringle pattern looking up ... and by looking at the indacators we can see some of weeknes that will not make eos to cross the next ricestins to break it out ..

for me i expect new small down trend on the way ... the candels didn't break the tringle down yet but it may happen so soon...

i think some people must be happy with there profits and get out or they most wait long

lets tallk about what we need for now ...

lets put our stop loss at 0.0010095
if we breakkdown we will go to the suppourt line at 0.00097
the next suppourt line is 0.0007

first target now is 0.00995

i will keep updating if this idea gets more than 15 likes

entry will be at the next update to that time hope you good and safe trades

please suppourt me by clicking follow .. to see all my new ideas
評論: kawa bounga ... who sold can sleep so easy today
交易結束:目標達成: this trade will not be updated any more ... target were reached eos is real good coin i will post idea about it in the next few days
still holding? i think 94990 felt like a good buy
market is bleeding rn
I think there is partnership news due on the 23rd. I don't see prices dropping much further before then unless there is a general market downturn.
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