POLONIEX:CVCBTC   Civic / Bitcoin
Main comments are on the charts.

At the Trader's Corner, we give options with levels to act upon. The count itself is not really important, except if you want to be a chartist yourself. I have been practicing for more than 12 years in forex and indexes and cryptocurrency recently. Fascinating.
Also, when you read my chart, this is the most likely path that I pull at the moment I do it, but in my mind all the other options are evaluated and therefore I can change the count quickly (this is the magic with EW, but also the curse, because, well, not everybody is proposing count that makes sense other to themselves. But let's not debate this here). So, even if i put options, I cannot put all the alternatives on the chart because it would take too much time and it would be too confusing.

So, today, I will propose something that I would not usually do: proposing to truncate a cycle before its confirmation. I have some backup though as a cycle of lower degree has completed and we should be for a bounce here.
Let me know if anyone is trading those altcoins ( CVC , BAT, ZRX, BNT , ...).

I will follow up on this map and propose some setup in lower time frame when opportunity arises.
評論: 2918-2838 next level of interest
as equal leg area after CVCUSD failed to break above 3274. If you want to go long, do not open stop because below 2654, direction 1261.
評論: Just realized that CVCUSD is indicated. Should read CVCBTC of course.
CVCUSD is having hard time like all cryptcurrency against fiat

Sorry for inconvenience ...
評論: Idea still alive but oh my it's painful to watch lol!
評論: Some action! Nice bounce from the low but will be sufficient?
Did you take the long on the pullback in 1h?
評論: 3274 breaks and a step will be made... Levels were correct where the bounce happens. Will it be enough to sustain the move to the upside?
評論: break out happened and first cycles completed in 1h. Could be on the way to motive 5 waves but let's see how the structure develops here.
評論: hmmm... market goes fast those days. new high in price with RSI divergence. Staying long and will buy more lower.
CVC, BAT, BNT and ZRX are rocking against BTC ...
交易結束:目標達成: this thing is a beast! But you know what? I enjoyed the ride and I'm out as targets have been reached... No regret!
But I'll be back on this pair
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