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I'm using Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic #2; pictured in this link:

I want you to find the Accumulation Schematic #2 in this link to "Basic" teachings of Wyckoff Methods: and follow it to a tee.

Famous Wyckoff Quote:

”…all the fluctuations in the market and in all the various stocks should be studied as if they were the result of one man’s operations. Let us call him the Composite Man, who, in theory, sits behind the scenes and manipulates the stocks to your disadvantage if you do not understand the game as he plays it; and to your great profit if you do understand it.”

Anyone listening to jsnip4 and so called "Trader Boss" on jsnip4's channel about buying CIVIC this very moment IS MAKING A BIG MISTAKE!!! We are about to fall into an accumulation phase within a trading range. We have much further to fall then jsnip4 and "Trader Boss" can imagine.

Here is the video to jsnip4 where he mentions buying CIVIC near the very end of the video:

He said he was going to "gamble." Well, you have no business sitting down at the poker table with gamblers if you have no idea how to play the cards you're dealt.

I will follow up shortly with another chart that includes indicators to explain further WHY we're going down further.

評論: If you're new to my channel, here's a link on how to use Godmode Indicator: Make sure to scroll down to see the cover chart pasted again for easier viewing and reading. Also, read the publication. Simply click this chart and it takes you to the publication:
評論: Examples of what's about to play out from OLD publications I've posted:

評論: Can it turn around and go back up from some whale wanting to pump it up for whatever reason? Sure it could... However, I'm simply going by what I know from "Technical Analysis" (TA) using Godmode/Phoenix and Wyckoff Schematics.

If' you believe your "Fundamental Analysis" (FA) by understanding it's UTILITY and believe there will be a high demand for it IMMEDIATELY; then be my guest and stay in.

I personally believe Whales have already accumulated pre release. IF NOT, I still believe it will react similar to the way ZEC did when it was released. Why did I mention ZEC? Because IT WAS NOT PRE-MINED!!!

So, if you want to stay in, be my guest. Greed is a powerful emotion that's hard to overcome. Learn to control it.
評論: Very Possible CIVIC "might" do what DECRED did back in the day. My apologies.... Poloniex did not have as much data (history) as Bittrex does.

評論: If you press play on that DECRED chart, you'll see what I mean
評論: The 2 Day chart on Bittrex is showing more room for upside before coming down a bit to refuel.
評論: The blue LSMA is only at approximately 60 to 65 % and has more room to travel for an upside move before the automatic rally is over.
評論: I'm simply sharing my opinion, fellow traders; this still looks like it could come down according to the 2 Day, Daily and 720m Time Frames: The blue LSMA does not have to go up to 80% or higher before things come down. The green and ghost lines are excellent indicators regarding "PRESSURE."

So again, THIS IS MY OPINION. Everyone is more than welcome to follow your own opinion and let your money do the talking. I'm simply sharing my thoughts. You can see if you find any merit to this analysis; along with analysis provided by others who have posted charts on this pair to see if you can find some kind of consensus before making your decision. I'm sticking with mine. Yes, I could be wrong. NO ONE IS RIGHT 100% OF THE TIME. NO ONE!!! Time will tell us soon enough what is to come of this pair.

2 Day TF:

Daily TF:

720m TF:
評論: There's a good chance that WHILE they leave this pair alone ; they are reducing the value of BTC in US dollars before they dump this pair. Thereby reducing everyone's USD capital. My opinion.... We'll see what plays out...
Great use of comments for the indicators. I find it helpful towards learning to interpret charts.


Thanks bro.
Here you have like 10000000s of indicators telling you that the price will drop. Hmmmmmm I thought to myself...There is one big mistake you made while you fumbled through all your Charts! You used a poloniex chart....You are charting on incomplete price Data. How could this Slip by you? If you would have used Bittrex chart which Hand cvc listed much longer your chart would Look alot different
termi termi

Yes, CIVIC "might" do the DECRED as I look at it more. I don't know if you remember what Decred did but yes, it's possible. I see BITTREX has A LOT MORE DATA that was NOT available on Poloniex.

@termi, Yes, totally agree, @termi I should have chose the exchange with more HISTORY.
termi ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, no Problem man! I wish you much much wealth!
@termi, Yes sir, thanks! Wish you much wealth as well, sir. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Much appreciated.
@termi, My wife and I are visiting my parents now for Christmas. I'll be away for a while. Have a Happy New Year!
termi ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, have a safe happy new year!!!
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