Dash: Gearing Up for Another Burst?

In my experience, DASH serves as a leading indicator of altcoin markets generally. The reason for this, I believe, is that DASH has cultivated a solid community of interested participants, and the DASH team provides educational content. Dash is popular for being easy for the end-user both to understand and to use, and this is a challenge that many coins have not yet risen to meet. This is my theory for why Dash serves as a leading indicator of the larger altcoin market. A strongly supportive and relatively well-informed following will anticipate general and substantial market moves in a more timely manner than those without access to technologically and economically substantive, uniform content. Keep in mind that this only a theory, but if you bought some DASH a while back and held it, you're making that exponential money. This chart features lots of subjective Elliott Wave projections that are necessarily speculative and designed to show you different possibilities of wave formations and trajectories based on prior history. Note the pattern of higher highs, higher lows, and then lower lows. Hmmm... If that pattern is salient and reliable, might we expect the formation of higher highs after a significant lower low? Look at where the market is right now. Happy Hunting Everyone.
評論: Quick Update: Dash is up about 25% in roughly 24 hours. If you took this trade, I suggest you lop off a big chunk of profits, and let a small portion ride. there will be better upcoming buying opportunities in my opinion. Happy Hunting.
評論: IF you took this trade you're making a bunch of money, should have taken profits two or three times and redeployed, market has been jiggling like crazy, don't forget to reward yourself when you're up or you'll pay for it later.
評論: Even though you made a lot of money on your trade, this chart is a perfect of example of why too many detailed predictions in technical charting is a bad idea. Keep your charts relatively simply, make sure they make sense to YOU


TP1 reached! Good call!
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