144 3 4
BUY the march low (and hold it...)

all blue lines TP for long
the red TP for short
評論: DAX took all the TP for short and now almost reached the BUY ZONE
if we don't see weekly close under 11900 than important TP 13068 "musst" come

評論: at the moment +420
first part of TP i'll take @ 12500 (475), the rest @ 13068

What happens next on DAX, do you still expect the upmove @NeverNO ?
NeverNO danrindia

i have taken a break ... until further notice, i post here no more but this time i give you an answer.

here is a chart that i did on the last weekend ... so far, i have not changed anything ... i'll leave it that way for now....hope it helps something ...

i look second week april if ok. to start a long and hold till TP 13036-13203 ... meanwhile, intraday i go long and short, depending on that what i see.

in general, in the next two weeks another deep would be good = first red circle - maybe as the deep for the monthly candle in april.

the second red circle comes into question (only) if we see the hourly/daily close below 11426.

have a nice time.

+1 回覆
danrindia NeverNO
@NeverNO, Thanks man appreciate it.
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