Either way, buy or sell you better read!

BITTREX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Set up on it's way! this post is going to do 1 of 2 things for you! It's a must read and I had no choice to post it as a lot of you are already in this trade it's running high volume and just hit a low from back on the 22nd December.

Let's get in on how to trade this DGB

You see the triangle with the black dotted lines, when in this formation if you every get a break in the first 2 thirds of a triangle it will either be a high momentum coin, false break out or plain manipulation. You will see we have already had one of these but whats important to us is what happens in the last 2 thirds of the formation which I've highlighted in red.

As you've seen in the past I have posted similar set ups, these are my favourite as it's win win for all parties that read this post. We don't enter or sell until we get a break so we have no risk.

If we break low of the triangle and close below it's a immediate sell if your holding DGB . If we break high it's a buy and we advance to green targets.

Now right at the moment this coin is losing momentum as you will see with the black dotted line drawn on the RSI , this would tell us we will break low.

We need momentum to bounce back for the move to break high However volume is there and looks good so there is a chance we can break high we would of lost momentum with the false break out at the start of the formation many people would of stopped trading this coin over that. So we need to watch this because if we break high we are looking at a healthy ROI that I won't be saying no to.

Let's hope this coin breaks high, if it doesn't it has a long way to fall as the next support is a fair way down. If we do take off please keep an eye on the BTC as it will affect trade you can hold through the BTC move or if have notice and in profit best close some of your position. I am going to post another article with exactly what to do when BTC has a sharp move. This will fill your pockets.

Cash Is King! Let's make some today!
評論: Stay out of this trade for the moment we haven't had a clear break but the momentum is falling and we don't have enough volume. I will update you accordingly.

Cash Is King!
手動結束交易: Hi guys we didn't enter this trade as we didn't get the break high i also didn't like it as you see above. Some of the holders would of sold out when it broke low. This trade is closed but will reopen one on this coin when it's ready to trade
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

Hello. Thanks for analysis. Can you make update for us? By the way what do you guys think about our latest analysis regarding DGB?
buy dgb at 100 sat next month
where do u see dgb possible go in this pump
mroberge mauroqau
@mauroqau, 0.00000085
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mroberge mroberge
I expect bitcoin to hit $6700 which will bring DGB down then it will shoot to the moon to $1.00 at least by end of year.
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BitPersia mroberge
@mroberge, lol ! Such a stupid number! In order for DGB to become $1 it has to 37x! Meaning it has to reach 100 billion market cap!
Don't just make up numbers think about what you say!
mroberge BitPersia
@hamidikia.ali, please explain your mathematics, the way I see it, bitcoin has 16,915,975 coin in circulation worth each $9,152.80.
16,915,975 X $9,152.80 = $154,828,535,980 marketcap at time of writing.

if digibyte had all their coins in ciculation 21 billion at 1$ that would be a $21B marketcap. Where do you get 100B. The number of coin doesn't increase just the value of it. Look at XRP they have 39B in circulation at 0.79 = 30B market cap.

Please be respectful and if you think you are right teach me instead of insulting me.

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Andrew138 BitPersia
@hamidikia.ali, just like xrp which went to 3 dollars in January and has 100 billion coins?

1.00 is not out of reach in crypto.
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