$DGB update (Answer your question my friends)

POLONIEX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
8309 40
Dont worry with your acc , i can see that Moment indicator and MACD now can buy, blue market come back and you can hold your coins. i thinks dgb need 2 -3 days for creat a new uptrend. Belive that DGB can grow up to 5000 sts :). Good luck and thanks for follow me!
any idea now >?
Any updates on dgb? So far all of your dgb predictions have been completely wrong.
I have some questions.

After all, DGB price movement should be based on Bitcoin, I think. If so, wouldn't it be affected by the aftereffect of falling bitcoin?
It looks like DGB is moving sideways in the falling 1st wave. I am wondering if its price won't be affected when bitcoin declines below $2,000.

Currently, I have lots of steem in Korbit, I am thinking about gradually selling them and then switching over to poloniex or bittrex.
In this possibility of bitcoin plunge, I kinda at a loss what to do. (Switching exchanges is to get more alt coins)

Any advice would be very much appreciated.
Good news ...... hope you will come true
Any update on DGB price movement??
Moh_Rifaii ehaerim
@ehaerim, i think, you allin your balance in DGB
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is there still a future for this coin, how much will it grow in one year?
great i also see this type
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