DGD-BTC is promising to run too high, just preparing to jump

It's my first time to share an idea, may you can call it the first result of new student here
This BINANCE:DGDBTC as the chart showing have a very good opportunity to run high in small period
The targets as shown in fib lines, so keep an eye on it once it explode outside the triangle to catch the rocket before it's launch.
Happy safe trading all.
交易進行: The rocket has been launched
1st target: 0.039
2nd target: 0.04083
交易進行: (A declaration)
As a normal trader " not a crazy bot :D " always keep your eye on the selling orders volume before the targets "the very close orders" if it's huge, then you can sell at this point, and follow the trade again from other new point.
交易結束:目標達成: Target 1 + 2 reached :) Congratulations for all the traders whom bought it with us.
The next target is 0.05041 but it's only if the current candle closed over 0.04083 otherwise it'll fall, wait and watch.
Even while I see an inverted head and shoulders pattern, but it's still not safe now.
amigo quiero aprender mas me prodrias ayudar no necesitas un ayudante quiero aprender mas pero solo es duro no conozco personas que esten en este mundo el trading cual quier guia te lo agradeceria mucho
Basem_Fatouh CristianJanier
@CristianJanier, Puedes encontrar muchos tutoriales en youtube friend, nadie me enseña, solo aprendí de youtube, es difícil para mí enseñarle a alguien en español, no es mi idioma incluso si lo estoy hablando español.
excelente gracias por tu idea
Basem_Fatouh CristianJanier
@CristianJanier, De nada amigo, feliz comercio seguro
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