US Indices – Bearish Intermediate (C) – Aggressive SELL - Part 1

TVC:DJI   道瓊斯工業平均指數
During the Bull Market in Intermediate 3, Nasdaq was my favorite because of its Wave Count, hence the reason for the successful view on the NASDAQ100 – Bullish Minor 5 - Bulls Come-Back article.

US Indices synchronized their individual Bearish legs once they reached the tops back on the 2nd of Jan.
Same day, right before the sell-off began, I posted the CBOE ( VIX ) - Volatility Index - Pointing towards a Market Crash article in which I mentioned that volatility could return, explaining how complacency can turn into fear.

Primary Correction officially started then, with US Indices falling off the edge of the cliff and ending the first sell-off on the 9th of Feb.

This was mentioned and signaled multiple times during the Advanced Video Course (see Macro sections and Charting).

Since the sell-off, US Indices performed rather well, unfolding a Bullish Correction which ended on the 27th of Feb.

2nd of March low and 6th of March high are viewed as Bearish Minor degree 1 & 2 (red), therefore, I am starting to believe that the Major Sell-off could have started for Intermediate (C) (red).

Below you may find some Aggressive views and possible scenarios in which the risk is higher than usual but the potential reward could be worth it.

The S&P500 possible drop was mentioned in the SNP500: 2018-2019 Buy & Sell Orders - Correction & Market Crash post.

Warning, these set-ups involve high risk and aggressive approach, do not trade if you are not an aggressive trader!

Dow Jones ( US30 ) - Short Position:
Entry @ 24660.00 (or Market)
SL @ 25000.00
Targets: 24000.00 / 23000.00 / 22000.00
交易結束:達到停損點: Stopped out, not the best call, aggressive.
評論: Watching 25800 as a Moderate approach.

評論: Waiting to see the next leg and if it somehow manages to push for one more up or not.
Gartley and AB=CD formation seems to be holding. I'll keep monitoring SPX, I got stopped out there with that new high and then dropped a little... oh well.
Great analysis! For DJI my count is based on a triangle ABDCE. Currently at E, going for a further down movement starting 12345 impulse downward.
What do you think?
@cacus, Thanks for the positive comment. Triangle could work as well in a B wave and the Gartley is something which should definitely be looked into. Still seeing the upside as limited as this looks corrective. Next moves will be decisive as new contracts take over.
marberisking Lionheart-EWA
@Lionheart-EWA, great analysis on this one, took jun sep. calls back in Feb crash, still waiting for a bull market blow-off over the next 6 months, hoping this double bottom works, well done on your call, bang on
hey, cant wait for your w5 30k call :)

as u have very good counts!


Lionheart-EWA look4edge
@look4edge, Thanks, really appreciate the comment. Some elliotticians are calling for the top and that the Market Crash already started. Personally, I think this is a Corrective Structure in Primary 4 (blue) and that US Indices would rally one last time before that. Looking for that Impulse on the down-side as it could come very soon and then I will take a better look according to the actual sequence and structure. Then I will decide, not in a hurry to call the Crash yet.
CNL Lionheart-EWA
@Lionheart-EWA, You have very good analysis,doesn't matter it got stopped out,that is SLs for,but your point of view if very good.Nasdaq:



@CNL, Thanks, your analysis is good as well and we are both looking for the major sell point, which could start soon I believe. This week will be interesting and we should look for signs that we are on the good path with the technicals. All Indices are pointing towards limited up-side and big room for down-side.
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