I'm calling 24,228 for the DOW

DJ:DJI   道瓊工業平均指數
still moving the way I suspected. I still say crash in October
Will the crash be some time earlier?
DoYouMine andrewau2014
@andrewau2014, could be but i got Oct.
andrewau2014 DoYouMine
@DoYouMine, I heard from a local stock commentator that the future for HSI would traces that in the year 2007-08.
DoYouMine andrewau2014
@andrewau2014, there is something called "shock test" that is used (including "flash crashes"). to find weaknesses, and strengths, within a desired system... human reaction is the usual unkown variable. there is the "switch" to "digital-currency" which has taken place. the only specialty of bitcoin is it's ledger is public. the central banker coin's ledger is not. (fully) War, itself, is, still, the only viable option for the continued sustainment of the "scarcity based economy" and world war has proven to be more difficult to orchestrate in the "digital world" than was anticipated, for the mean. this does not mean it was not anticipated and planned for in this case.

yes with hsi... and dow will seem like 1929. A 100 year projection. #100yearoutlook
andrewau2014 DoYouMine
@DoYouMine, It is usual for the HSI to trace the ups and downs of Shanghai Composite and the US indexes, primarily the Dow. What do you think of these two markets?
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