POLONIEX:DOGEBTC   Dogecoin / Bitcoin
524 11
Pump that elektro dog
評論: this shit coin went earlier to the moon than i ever expected
評論: abandon the ship if you haven't
評論: This coin is just wow the biggest scam how can this coin have a marketcap of 300m? somebody needs to expllain me that
boss recently you posted that tradeis closed i sold at 110 and now 134..
Rakim shahzadx300
@shahzadx300, That's not an advice everyone is responsible for his act i just share my prediction with you guys
@Rakim, hhhmmok thnks
Rakim shahzadx300
@shahzadx300, Did you made profit at least?
@Rakim, yes i have made profit.
its shit coin?
Rakim Gilipsy
@Gilipsy, sure pump & dump since years
Gilipsy Rakim
@Rakim, but now will pump again?
Rakim Gilipsy
@Gilipsy, still one the triangle i would sell it
@Rakim, must have something to do with the influx of new fiat money from asia. poloniex users exploded to 45k today, explains everything if you ask me, same happens to BTC, which was about to doomed many times and is still climbing.
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