$Doge - Go Moon

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You can buy now with Doge and go moon!
Did anyone murder you for this? Haven't seen you in ages around here.
Woolfman marsbioform
sure dude. dream on.
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Aahahahahhaha MOON XD.........
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got rekt in every crypto pair.
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Reality 5 days later.

I hate to sound negative but I have yet to see one of your predictions succeed...

bluswan555 dent77x
@dent77x, Look at his ARDR prediction. On the money. One of many. Look better, he's more right than wrong.
dent77x bluswan555
@bluswan555, While that is true, it was a great prediction now that I look at it, almost all predictions are saying that the coin will go to the moon in the future. He has made a LOT of predictions as well. When one of them does go to the moon in the future its not necessarily proof that the prediction was right. Rather proof that whatever alt you buy on a low right now will sooner or later moon in the future.

But that said I appreciate the work you do @tungbitcoin and I truly encourage you to continue.

Thank you
Tamadon dent77x
@dent77x, I just discovered him and new to trading. I actually took a look at all his previous analysis and more often than not he is right. If I were to put the money I would had made a very-very good return. Those analysis that didn't pan out, just put a stop lost and move on. So I don't understand why you have not seen even one of his so called predictions succeed.

He is giving free advice using easy to follow, clean and recognizable pattern even for newbies. If we don't trust him then make our own predictions.

@tungbitcoin I hope you come back. I just join TradingView and found you.
Still Hodl..
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