DATABITS crappy game! 100% profit short term

BITTREX:DTBBTC   Databits / Bitcoin
This is a cryptocurreny for a game that is not even close to beïng done...

So now you know this currency is a obvious moneygrab by the creators we might make a little cash off it shortterm.
If you look on the site you are greeded by some pretty cool animations and game characters.

But this is not a project that needs blockchain so it is not a good long-term investment
having said that it might go up short-term.



please let me know what you think
Good luck trading!
You could not be more wrong, your comment is outright Slander. I hope no one takes you seriously. I am the Crypto Community Manager for augmentors Game, i have Traveled to Cape Town where their HQ is located, one of the nicest high rise buildings, ultra modren, tech environment. The team are going to create a game with the class and high level as League of Legends, thats for sure. The ICO only ended in February, not even a year and they have come a long way.

This is there Official weekly update blog on Medium: https://medium.com/augmentors
Clearly far from "MoneyGrab". Clearly a ton of work being done and to do.

Also, this game absolutely needs the Blockchain, as it will use the XCP Blockchain to trade the creature tokens, spells, cards and such, really, you cant just think what comes to the top of your head and make it public.

I real man , admits when he is wrong, so we will see how you reply.
hetnieuwegoud vintagebazaar
@vintagebazaar, It is a game that is far from beïng done and I dont think you know how many games flop each year but this game might not be that great. You said it is "like league of legends" I think there are already more then enough succesfull moba games out there so that leaves no room for databits.

I think it is a clear moneygrab because the name databits does not have anything to do with the product so they just chose that to mislead investors.
And there is no reason for it to have their own blockchain they could just accept litecoin or ethereum as payment for characters or skins.

This is a kickstarter project for a game that is beïng produced! and yes if the game keeps devoloping the people that invested will get a nice return but I expect that all you will get on the longterm is a game that you nor your friends want to play and all your bitcoin in the shitter.

The developers should have sought big investors to invest in their game instead of using the blockchain to gain money from unknowing people that see the charts go up because these small investors will be the ones losing all their money.

And when the game finishes the whole point of having a blockchain is lost because no one is going to want to spend more than a few bucks on the game even though I know most invested more than a few bucks in databits.

maybe I am wrong but I think you can't even tell me what kind of game it is going to be.
hetnieuwegoud hetnieuwegoud
@hetnieuwegoud, This just is a game that will only add on to a already saturated market but with a blockchain.

"Every creature will be backed by the Blockchain, allowing users to truly own their assets within and out of the game."

please explain why a creature needs to be on the blockchain? and what would be the added features of having your creature be on the blockchain?

if you replace blockchain with "just a online server" I think it would be exactly the same.

these people do not know what they are talking about or they know and use keywords to seem interesting.

so that leaves me to beleive that in the end they are going to have your valuable bitcoin and you will just have some shitcoin that is worth nothing.
vintagebazaar hetnieuwegoud
@hetnieuwegoud, Yeah, you're completely wrong. Lets put out some facts here:
1- Game will be complete and in the IOS and Play store by Q4 - 2018 So November/December this year.
2- i said the game is going to be of the high quality as LEague of Legends is, not, that its going to be like league of legends (gameplay).
3 -Databits is the name of the token thats traded online, and uses counterparty/bitcoin blockchain. Therefore its "bits of data" hence the name .
4- The team are being in control and therefore not going to use some token they dont know or control, with Databits they know exactly how much was minted and they are in control of their supply, so to say "they could just accept litecoin or ethereum as payment for characters or skin" is just stupid as "any" altcoin could use any other alts coin.

5- You say kickstarter, every ico is a kickstarter, lets take one of the most successful ICO's ever, Ethereum, that was a Kickstarter project by your reasoning. Nothing wrong with these types of projects.

6- Again, the point of the blockchain is so people actually own the creatures, the "add-on" they are theirs, to buy, sell and trade as they please, normal games when you buy add on you dont own them, this is made possible by the blockchain, putting people in control of the assets they pay for.


7. The game is going to be a type of Beat em up, player vs player battle game, with the ability to use combo moves, magic, spells, which you will be able to customise before battle, using cards to build your special abilities, cards which will also be traded on the blockchain.

So lets leave this conversation as it is and come the end of the year, we can see how things stand and then one year later, you can see how popular Augmentors Game is and take it from me right here, right now, this game is going to be constantly in the top 5 games in its class and not only that do not be surprised when you see this game being played in esports venues around the world. (a few years after launch).
hetnieuwegoud vintagebazaar
@vintagebazaar, I guess the market is with me on this one
hetnieuwegoud vintagebazaar
@vintagebazaar, stil confident?
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