Bull Riding - Rodeo Trading – Intraday Market Orders (Part1)

TVC:DXY   美元指數
Bullish Correction does not seem to be complete as the DXY Pattern keeps on becoming more and more Complex. In other words, DXY could commence a Bullish Swing in order for the entire Corrective Pattern to complete. This is because the Bearish Swings previously predicted in the FOMC Press Conference - DXY - Triple Three article do not really fit a proper Impulse sequence.

Don’t get me wrong, the analysis was good and the DXY got trashed, as predicted. Traders were happy and looking green, everyone was nice and cool. The thing is that, I don’t like the way the Impulse looks, not strong enough, with overlaps and also showing Bearish structures on EUR, Gold , GBP. I’m about step way outside my comfort zone with this view, because I can’t just ignore these signs and hints.

This post implies more risk than usual but due to the importance and duration of the projected swings, it could be worth it.

Please consider holding this one out if you are not up to it and don’t want to take the risk.

Trades & Orders

XAU/USD – SELL Positions:
• Aggressive – 1245.00 with SL @ 1360.00
• Moderate – 1350.00 with SL @ 1370
• Targets – 1325.00 / 1310.00 / 1295.00 / 1285.00 / 1265.00

XAG/USD – SELL Positions:
• Aggressive – 16.65 with SL @ 16.87
• Moderate – 16.70 with SL @ 17.00
• Targets – 16.40 / 16.15 / 15.85 / 15.50

EUR/USD – SELL Positions:
• Aggressive – 1.24250 with SL @ 1.2480
• Moderate – 1.24500 with SL @ 1.25100
• Targets – 1.2340 / 1.2250 / 1.2180

DAX30 – BUY Position:
• 11900.00 with SL @ 11700.00
• Targets – 12200.00 / 12450.00 / 12650.00 / 12850.00

All trades closed for now with nice profit!

1st Levels Targets Reached!

Taking a breather because the DXY could start a Correction and would like to examine the structure first and then make another call.

Please like and/or share if you found this view useful! Thanks

DXY Update:
評論: USD Bulls returning:



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