big short on usd forming

TVC:DXY   美元指數
176 7
12345 wave structure
totally agree bro
x2ManyPips steveb4088
bracken x2ManyPips
@x2ManyPips, Thank you for your kind remark. On another note you should not call the pattern "12345 wave structure" as the term is reserved by elliott lovers for impulsive structures which this is clearly not. abcde would have been a better term (if you dont want to cause unnecessary confusion amongst your readers). I hope you dont mind me saying and only for your benefit
x2ManyPips bracken
@bracken, OHh you're totally right. My bad. haha good call
+1 回覆
bracken x2ManyPips
@x2ManyPips, I'm so glad you took it in the spirit my message was sent with only your benefit (in mind). Sometimes it can get touchy and right when I had sent the indiscrete (though well meaning) comment my direct thought to myself was: "what the hell are you doing? This is what private messages are for"!
Very long term technical analysis of DXY by Kimblechartingsolutions. If he is right there will be a lot of surprises to the downside for some time. https://www.kimblechartingsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/dollar-hits-25-year-resistance-and-two-fib-levels-turing-weak-march-21-1.jpg
x2ManyPips bracken
@bracken, Awesome chart dude. Thanks!
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