DXY is under significant pressure

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The dollar is under significant pressure and the commodity currencies are also benefitting from the recovery in commodities . With the Canadian dollar this is the recovery in oil , which has helped the sharp fall on USD/CAD .

The dollar is coming under pressure as markets reprice for the relative performance of other forex major currencies. Comments from central bankers in recent days suggest that perhaps it will not be too long before the Fed is joined by other central banks in tightening monetary policy . In recent days there have been hawkish indications from the ECB’s Draghi, the Bank of England’s Carney and Bank of Canada’s Poloz, all of which have signalled a potential end to their easing programs could be close. Playing currencies is a game of relatives and with traders questioning the Fed’s ability to tighten in light of subdued inflation , the dollar is under pressure. Even in the face of rising Treasury yields and the 2s/10s spread pulling higher, the dollar is suffering as other major currencies have strengthened significantly. It would appear that only the yen, with the BoJ remaining committed to easy policy, remains subdued against the dollar. Equities have picked up as US banks have been given the green light in stress tests to increase dividend and share buybacks. This is rolling into Asian and European sessions.

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