BINANCE:ENJBTC   Enjin Coin / Bitcoin
Break the 61.80% fib we go up - Break the 50% fib we go down
評論: The price is moving in the right direction, looking to break upwards thru the fib and beat the downtrend
評論: Todays candle has opened outside of the downtrend and above the 61.80% fib - This has cleared the way for the price to move further upwards
評論: Upward movement exactly on the arc
Rev it, rev it! Lol.
We need a short term chart for buying and weekly/monthly chart for hodl’s.

You da man!

Nom_de_Guerre maverickgood1
@maverickgood1, I trade off the day charts generally, much less screen time and worry. if you buy off the day charts you get the bottom, have a look at my 'neo ground level' chart and the antshares one linked to it
Maybe they saw you chart this one and people piled on board today. There are buyers all over the place on this one today.
Nom_de_Guerre maverickgood1
@maverickgood1, Haha I wish! i'd be rich real quick if people did that every time i threw out a chart
maverickgood1 Nom_de_Guerre
@Nom_de_Guerre, this isn’t just any chart. This ones going ballistic. It might take 1-2 years to see it go but it doesn’t really get any bigger than something like this.

A worldwide gaming community with an embedded crypto currency? When the gamers figure this out it’s going to be incredible. Components in games will be monetized and without having to deal with the old financial system. It’s a perfect storm :)

No, I won’t be selling anytime soon.
The engine is a revving! Lol.
I meant the range is minuscule. Not a few cents since the coin is only 11 cents.
Trying to buy this coin is not easy. The sellers don’t seem to want to dump the coin. The range is barely a few cents. There must be a very small float or the large holders are not parting with their stash.
Nom_de_Guerre maverickgood1
@maverickgood1, looks like a good project actually, smart website and cool name
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