EOS long trade! Targets 12.50 usd and 15.60 usd

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A free idea for everywhone. EOS just broke out, high targets! Already called it at in the paid group at 8.60 usd. But had to make the trading idea it costed some time! And EOS just went crazy.

Target 1: 12.50 usd.
Target 2: 15.60 usd.
Stop-loss: 7.70 usd.
Great news! My private trading community is opened for free for a limited amount of time. Only requirement to stay in the group is be active! Invite link to the discord community:
Your analysis is partly incorrect, especially your targets.According to elliot wave, wave 3 is never the smallest and often the biggest therefore, we can assume it will be bigger than wave 1 indicating a target should be around $22+.
Hey! I apreciate your chart. Can you tel me what long terms means? When target 1 and 2?
I saw a chart at 22$ also.
Have a nice day today!
what is the name of your pair group and how much is the fees ?

creck ankivirani
@ankivirani, he has an email on his account, try it there ;)
Thanks for sharing this idea.
EOS, like IOTA, is called 3rd generation blocking, which will become the backbone of many businesses, and in the future will be able to take a permanent place in the Top 5 crypto currency

thank you for shouting out ;)
Good call, thanks!
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