BITFINEX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
Elliott wave + triangle
Ethereum Classic address-to-address messaging system release. Messaging system represents a smart-contract basic on-chain communication service wich allows to contact any other participant of the network absolutely securely.
The Messaging System allows crosschain interoperability, which means that you can send message from ETC chain to the owner of ETH, UBQ , EXP , Musicoin, RootStock or PIRL address. ETC smart-contract system acts as the core component of the system. Messaging System supports off-chain encryption via the asymmetric encryption algorithms.
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評論: Historitical moment:) ETCBTC broke out resistance line


how much will the new new coin on 5 march cost? CLO coin
fork is coming, to the moon! March 5
Thanks for this share, what do you think about ETC expectations and price trends for miners for the next 3 months ? is it worth to mine or better mine a cheapest coin like PIRL for example ?
We on our WAY!!!! Thanks EXCAVO!
MoneyRight ChristianGru
@ChristianGru, whats wrong with u
Can you please update, thank you brother.
Somebody else mentioned the hardfork, what do you think about this news?
EXCAVO, , there is good news about the ETC, hardfork and the free monet CLO in March. please update the forecast
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