Ethereum Classic, the sleeping giant?

KRAKEN:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
One coin that stands out durring these crazy times are ETC. Ethereum has had a ATH of 1280$ (BITFINEX) and yesterday we saw a crazy pump into ETC, but due to BTC crash ETC had to go back to sleep. This coin has been the victim of alot of FUD. Its a fork of Ethereum . ETC has a great team and a great vision, but there are problems. Lets ETH implements POS . That would leave ETC hanging, but i think the team of ETC has been working on something big and only time will tell if ETC will be in the race towards a decentralized future.

If we take ETH prices, and lets just say ETC should be around 10% of what ETH price is today. Thats around 100$ +
So i think there is a lot of room for grow around this coin.

Im long on this.
Positions opened at 2$, 10$ and 27$.

This is not financial advice, i live in my moms basement and i trade like a maniac.
You should do a ton of research before investing any amount.

Good luck out there,
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評論: Unclear when the race will start. If you are looking for something long, i think this one is gold. But you never know in this marked! It all depends on how BTC will perform. Good luck!
評論: We had a nice run from 33 mark to 38 today. I think due to turbulence in BTC today we still haven't seen the big boy rush. good night people
I think ETC can easily cross 120 usd by MARCH. BTC market gonna rise after January. Then ETC will show its true colour.
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