ETH/BTC fractal cycle moving down wards !

Welcome everyone,

ETH/BTC has been a very interesting chart to watch when we had seen ETH climb up wards but getting denied and falling at the time of writing.
Now what I want to mention is that I simply see a pattern happening here and have highlighted important levels to watch when we are comparing the cycles we have seen in the chart, it won't be razor sharp the same cuts but
they will be levels of importance in my opinion.

What could be the big difference here from the past cycle?

I) we go down from here but have a less aggressive downtrend compared to the massive draw down we have seen in the past.
II) We break the current pattern upwards forming a higher low and going in to a up trend ( flippening?)
III ) slowly bleeding and giving BTC more room to grow compared to ETH.

I'm not opening a position as of yet since its too early to say for me.
I am sharing this chart for everyone to watch since I do get many PM's about eth/btc .

As always,
Happy Hunting!

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Mar 12
Charted out the volume of what is preferable as signal giving volume and where we are now.

Lowest orange line= Where we are.
Highest orange line= Where we want to be.
Mar 13
評論: Watch the Ichimoku cloud, price breaking below it would be the next bearish signal.
Mar 18
評論: Bearish signal completed, moving to the next support!
Mar 29
評論: Nearly straight line down, even worse than I thought!
Apr 13
評論: Bounce from the support, check my ETH/USD chart for a comparison.
going to test the resistance!
Interesting perspectives, thanks :)
look this
FinanceFox CaueLacerda
@CaueLacerda, went well
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