OmiseGo - OMG Could this Be the Amazon of Cryptos?

Interesting comparison I was looking at before I go to bed. I thought some of you may like it. Just confirms why OMG is the largest holding in my portfolio now. I have compared all of the coins people ask me to review. I may not have posted on them yet, but I do a very quick review. I hit compare and see how it has done compared to OMG. I have yet to see one that outperforms OMG in the 1 or 3 month interval. I had a hard time finding any that did in a year or more, as good as OMG has in 7 weeks, . If I had only $100-$1000 to invest, it would all be in OMG period! This could do in 2 years or less, what Cisco (the undisputed tech return champion) did in 9 years. What was that? Took $100 and turned it into $100,000. Good luck the storm hits tomorrow so I'm not sure I will be posting in the near term. God bless you all!
I got in at .46c, have been holding since. Agreed, best gainer so far. A long term holder for sure.
Hi, do you still have the same feeling on this one?
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@mmattan, Long term yes!
jellos goldbug1

I'm looking to invest in crypto. After doing a lot of research OMG is going to be one of them. Do you buy at these levels sir or would you wait for another correction ?
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@jellos, If you do not own any, then I would buy a 1/3 position and wait for the correction where I would buy another 1/3, and then the last 1/3 on the breakout. If it doesn't correct you can still buy the breakout. Yes I would have this one in your portfolio, it is my largest holding next to bitcoin!
@mmattan, Nothing ever goes straight up, there are always market corrections, and usually the best time to buy is when everyone else has forgotten it exists ;)
mmattan goldbug1
@goldbug1, thanks! I always love your analysis and I'm following your posts.
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@mmattan, I just posted an update on OMG an NEO! Thanks
Hi, may we please get update on omg?
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goldbug1 Ceropatatero
@Ceropatatero, It's still in a nice bullish trend. Every pullback has been short lived. I'm still long here!
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