Congrats bounce players!

There were a few fake outs along the way but huge volatility and bounce opportunity each time.
Please see the live recorded youtube video from last night to see the strategy I used 3 times on the bounce.
Currently all out of my most recent $1,050s position as I am looking for a lower high on the hourly to form, and healthy consolidation for a higher low.
Note there is a lack of support established on the 15 min time frame on this bull move, which is why I prefer to sell into strength.
Correlation with BTC means watch BTC for signals and levels.
Hourly bullish reversal candle from oversold conditions.
No entries up here, and for 5 min consolidation to begin, then start 5 min higher lows and higher highs again to indicate the potential hourly higher low.
Good thing I fell asleep once again during the last bounce, wanted to buy BTC that did +20% and NEO that went 50%
Once again my job making me lose tons of money.
I think that it's too early to call it a bounce. Just my opinion.
twismo DrStein
@DrStein, Agreed
@DrStein, I have flipped 5 bounces in 2 days, all 5 profitable. I guess it depends on your definition of a bounce.
TheChartGuys TheChartGuys
@TheChartGuys, The bounce depicted here was my biggest single win in weeks.
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