#ETH C&H formation will target $700

Quick chart, see chart for description and targets.
評論: Update on the 4H scale
評論: Here comes the handle.. Slightly above where I called it, which means a higher than projected rally after the handle completion.
交易結束:目標達成: Close enough and ahead of target, I'm calling this one a success. BTW, earlier I was looking at ETH and seeing another C&H with a target of $1000. If we consolidate a little bit during the next week or so, dropping after touching $700, then we'll form another nice handle and be on for that $1k target.

could give a little information about BCH , Thank You.
@v-aidas, it's a horrible asset and it has topped for the time being. Thats all there is to know lol
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v-aidas AussieCrypto1
@AussieCrypto1, Thanks Aussie :)
@v-aidas, No problem. If you wan't to know more, I can't be bothered repeating myself but I'll link a response to another B-trash comment on one of Tin's previous charts. Just look for the response to OJSimpson: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/m0auQEzm-BTC-RSI-Bottom-Purple-Lambo-Christmas-Incoming/#tc1496500
This is of course just my opinion but I like to think my opinion is based only on facts.
Tin.Foil AussieCrypto1
@AussieCrypto1, Agreed and you have a better memory than me.. I can't remember BTC values an hour ago, let alone some comment I made a couple weeks ago. :)
well done
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