ETH from bull to bear again, looks like a drop to 680 support

A few days ago i posted a nice Long trade on ETH, the targets were perfectly reached. So far that move seems to be a temp correction up inside this downtrend. In my previous analysis i posted a the levels to watch were around 715 and 740. We dropped below the 715 quite fast and it looks like it dropped below the rising trend line and it has only been testing it as a resistance. This suggest that the price will make another dive to at least 680 but will probably drop towards the 600 if that support breaks as well. A stop around 720 would be a good price to place a stop
評論: Previous analysis of ETH
評論: Almost same story here as with NEO, looked like a perfect trade, went down 20 points very quickly but the squeeze pushed it back up again. ETH is NOT as weak as NEO or XMR. This one looks stronger than than those two lately. The 680 support held perfectly for the bulls and so far it seems to be making a strong bull flag. But watch out, almost the same happened a few days ago when the 740 was to heavy. But this attempt does look stronger so chances are bigger the 740 will break.
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It's strange but on ETH is does a big big fractal that existed between 2017-04-26 and actually !!!
Drop in progress... I shorted at 735$.. What target to you suggest now ? It goes down very slowly ! (715$ actually... )
My favorite tokens Litecoin and Peercoin
She's dropping Captain.....get your quarters out.
Probably because of the fundamentals... not much TA can do about that
mightytrader cryptolerk
@cryptolerk, The fundamentals of Ether and its Ethereum platform are complete and utter garbage. I am long ETH with a SL for TA reasons; not because I believe in its fundamentals (I don't).

TA helps to limit risks ESPECIALLY when trading PUMPS like Ether. I know where to exit if trades goes against me.

I believe in Microsoft Azure. SOLID fundamentals and an actual product from a real company called Microsoft. Ethereum is totally useless and 2017's biggest ponzi scheme.

I will trust Microsoft and Oracle anyday over a a group of scammers that develop Ethereum. (which IS an unlicensed security)

If you are long, make sure you have a stop-loss.
jacobbrown41 mightytrader
@mightytrader, lol dude do you even know what you're talking about? Microsoft Azure is a web services platform..
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@botje11 David, Can you please update ETH ?
It was because ZEC news
that was a massive bounce off of the support line. I expected some bounce but not that. I can't help but feel that was orchestrated by whales to go against the trend of people opening shorts.
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