Ethereum. Waves, channels and the beauty of the Game

In our previous review of Ethereum , we wrote about the larger and smaller waves of Elliot , in which the ETHUSD rate is currently moving.
And now comes a point, which will clarify:
Whether we are in the impulse 5-wave structure downward or the three-wave correction is completed and the rate will move up in the 1st wave of the 5-wave upward movement.
In this key and fundamentally important point of the schedule, channels can help us.
Ethereum is very technical, maybe the most technical coin in the top 10, it draws clear waves, and now channels.
We see in the figure a large descending channel (its upper limit will drop from $ 1,050 to $ 950 for the next week) and a small uplink (its lower limit will rise from $ 900 to $ 1100 for the next week)
In addition, support is provided by the moving averages close to the intersection in the purchase, currently at $ 900
These channels will cross in the upcoming week at just $ 1000.
So the intrigue is close to the denouement.
We take places in the auditorium and / or make the bets.
In any case, we enjoy the beauty of the picture and the Great CryptoGame :)
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In about how many days do you expect to see if we are in a wave 5 down or have finished with the correction.We are close to a brake out or a brake down , but what date do you believe will we know?Thanks
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