ETH new ATH soon?

With the new influx of capital coming into Crypto and the instability and uncertainty of Bitcon, large capital will be looking to stay in the space and they only have a few limited options; Only the crypto's that can handle high liquidity and volume . The upcoming upgrade named "Metropolis" is in much anticipation and can potential lift Ethereum to new heights. ETH has been in an ascending triangle for quite some time now. In the short term we are looking to find stability above the 1d cloud looking for a push above $350 and find support to then make a larger move in a breakout of the triangle with take profit zones highlited.

ETHUSD is the market leader for the rally, so ETHBTC will be highly dependant on what USD value BTC is, but the ETHBTC chart is also showing bullish signs, likely go to for 0.07 as first resistance zone .

Which both perfectly play into the scenario of Bitcoin correcting after this bull trap and large capital will not be wanting to flee out of crypto so ETH is the perfect safe haven. Both markets show a turn around of momentum of higher timeframes that will support the move.
Thank you for the analysis. Can I just ask you what settings do you use for the Ichimoku? Cheers!
@Papou Sorry, just saw someone else already asked that question...
you are my favorite in trading view. keep up the good job. btw, what settings do you use for the ichimoku cloud?
rj16 3stakes3
@3stakes3, I'd like to know this too!
Papou 3stakes3
@3stakes3, 20,60,120,30
rj16 Papou
@Papou, Thanks!
Hi Papou, please share more of your views, they're helping me a lot :)
Do you use any moving averages in your analysis sir?
Papou dahecgue
@dahecgue, not really, I have the EMA but I’ve never found the moving averages to help me in any way or make a difference how to analyze the market
Please post more of these analysis, it is one of the best I have seen in tradingview and I follow it everyday. Sending love from Luxembourg!
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