1700 9
I mentioned the wedge breakout a few days ago.
This might be a AB=CD move
Often there is a reaction (up or down) at the half way point; 870
Target is 1087 on this move.
I lean to the upside in part because of the touch and rapid retracement of price to the CD line a few hours ago

An entry now would require a large stop below the spike low at 800
Risk is 60USD
reward is 227
R:R ratio 3.78
so position size is important
Price target reached a few hours early. Trade closed. You should have a profit of USD227 per Etheruem
Where do we go next?
See my latest post on XRPBTC, includes XRPETH correlation
You are crushing this TA. I would like to better understand how you arrive at your lines and angles, hope I can learn by reading your ideas. You have a new follower.
a1Keith BethanyJoy
Hi Bethany,
The first thing is to practice. Do it yourself. Mark up 7 charts a day and in 2 years you will have done 5000. By that time your eyes will be able to spot patterns that you never saw before. It took me several years to see these patterns.
If you draw a line on any chart you can connect several highs or lows. So how do you know when you have the right slope? Move it around the chart and see if the highs line up or the lows line up. A particularly pertinent is finding is when price bounces under a line breaks through it and then bounces on top or vice versa. Use only one or two methods . I use only straight lines, nothing more. Keith
+1 回覆
BethanyJoy a1Keith
@a1Keith, Thanks a lot. Do you call this pattern something? I'm a single mom with a day job where I'm not at a computer, so 7 charts a day is a little ambitious for me but I will make it something to strive for! I love geometry, so at least it will be fun. I've only been in for a month, so I am still learning a lot every day. I appreciate your encouragement!
Modified Schiff pitchfork captures the action perfectly
D point indicates price and time. The time of the chart is GMT or London time
When do yo think we can see the target?
@bahmani, I know your asking him but I would think by sunday
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