$ETHUSD towards $1000,-

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Pretty straight, clean and simple set up.
ETH is making a wild cycle up. just did 1st and 2nd leg. 2nd leg was correction and price broke already to the upside.
After a breakout, 9/10 a smaller correction follows and sort of retesting the trendline .

Wait for this pullback to hit the blue box, if you see some strong bullish price action you can enter the trade for a nice move up.
Targets determined with Fibonacci Extensions.

Happy trading!
Jan 05
評論: Reached Potential Revesal Zone but more to come.
Lets see if it starts a correction and where we can place 4 to determine 5
Good work @Crypto_Ed , thanks for the analysis.
hello please what strategy is used here?
I'd agree, but everyone is too scared to commit to alts because of BTC rising/Futures :(
It'll happen but time frame might be a bit later.
Keep up the good work man! :)
Quin73 matboy
@matboy, Definitely not the case. Most alts are mooning since 3 days ago.
john29 Quin73
@Quin73, This is clearly the case. They are mooning while BTC allows them. But with CME event, alt trends will be broken up
Quin73 john29
@john29, Lets agree to disagree :)
Are you taking into account the possibility of ETH/BTC pair effect on the USD price?
what are your thoughts?
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bedarija CaptainCigar
@CaptainCigar, this. never go just coin/usd comparison always check coin/btc as well
sickojacko bedarija
@bedarija, haha :) you mean "never go coin/usd", right ?
Except for ETH and maybe 2 or 3 other coins, nobody never look / takes coin/usd into consideration for technical analysis.
Love your work
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