ETH, a love/hate relationship

ETH is in a very tricky situation right now. It's probably too late to buy early, too early to sell if you bought back during accumulation, and ETH/BTC situation is unsure (currently around 0.04btc) which can, or can not be reversal point. I think this trade depends mostly on your position (trader, swinger, investor)

The 3 points

Catalysts : currently, it seems everyone talking about ETH in wide public is either a fanatical pro-ETH almighty about a paradigm shift of smart contract, blind to see it is not the only one anymore, and might get it's market eaten by others. Or about the infamous ICO scams and potential bans sooner rather than later (speculatively, governments are slow, especially if some officials are invested personally...*kof kof*). Its council's ethics and recent hacks are at least questionable

Fundamentals : its code and vision are impecable, even if it suffers from insane scaling issues right now. Future updates, if well made (and sentiment is that devs are very capable), has a big chance of making ETH one of the main aspects of internet 2.0 in the long term. The future PoS switch from PoW will also make a lot of FOMO from new blood (old blood already have it priced in, IMO )

TA : same as XRP (both charts look alike), with a classic ABCDE contraction phase. However, D and E points are rather blurry, and makes the analysis a lot less predictible and overshadows a rather cautious view in short to mid term from the market. As my friend piptocurrency likes to say "the biggest the marketcap, the harder they fall". Eth might just have not fell or consolidated enough just yet


Trader : wait for bullish confirmation of ATH with big volume , and get in at pullback 401$, with constant distribution of gains up to psychological of 500$, then look for better entry. sl at 390$ for fakeouts (few days)
Swinger : buy orders at 255$ and 290$, sl at 250$, or buy breakout with strength, SL 390$ TP 600$ for bullish projection minimum target (couple of weeks, probably by february 2018), 800$ max for last TP before correction
Investor : com'on, it's ETH, you are already in since long ago, TP depends on fundamentals about adoption from non block-chain developpers (using known C# or java has better market penetration than solidity) and PoS implementation. However, now might be a good time to take just few % to invest into ETC. Wait 400$ break or 255$ to add more

In the end, the smart money should not only look at potential upside or downside, but the cost of opportunity. How much would have you made with your money on BTC , NEO, or some of the others, lower marketcap?
Still, ETH/BTC chart shows that now is a good time to open a small position to accumulate btc in the longrun, but more down is seriously possible. ETH/USD investor should not worry for the longterm, even if we are hit by a crypto-winter
評論: Zoom in
ETH trying to crawl over the resistance

I advise traders to stay out of it unless a drop to the buy orders or clear breakout. These sideways are bot territory, and usually crush traders. You don't surf on small waves : you sip cocktails on the beach, or you try anyway and mostly, you will fall

Still, it is a level to look for. An upbreak to 350 and stabilisation over 340 is a good sign

評論: Aggressive traders and swingers can enter right now (342$), with stop loss very tight at 330$ in case of fakeout. But this might be huge guys... Risk reward is high

TP on red line. Conservative ones will wait the breakout and hold above the red line, around 370$
評論: If you entered at my signal, you are in profit. Swingers can be more patients, as we retest the resistance, traders already took some profit as we were closing on the red line TP, and can keep some to run. If it holds, we will probably see piercing of the red line TP. Swingers can hold up to a bit less than 600$

Happy hunting

評論: Healthy consolidation.

As long as price stays above the resistance (red zone) it is bullish. If it drops below, it was a fakeout and I will update.

Traders that left some to run can move the stop loss to entry point or above (but below 359) to lock profits. Especially if on margin : BTC is at critical point
評論: Hurray. Expect some consolidation at the heavy resistance and then fly up high
評論: Hurray, 430$ breakout, and a healthy pullback to 401$ as expected
If it holds, FOMO will settle in the minds, and price will rocket

評論: There, I did my daily 5% with my trading scalp stack. Reinjected it into other higher potential trades
Swing, investor and mid term remains unchanged. Traders might want to wait a breakout of the triangle to get back in, or another (potentially bigger) retracement, for risk management

評論: Taking profits with part of my swing trade, looking to add back lower. A marketcap this size (and not manipulated by chinese miners) will need more time to reach much more imo.
評論: I got asked "why take profit now in the middle of a bull run? Didn't you have a target of 600$ at least ?"

This is an excellent question, and to sum up : even if ETH/USD and ETH/BTC are on uprise, I saw a potentially even higher gain, with higher risk higher reward, and within the same fundamental view. This is no other than ETH's little sister, ETC.
ETC/ETH just broke out of a longterm downtrend, and testing support. We are at the point of almost-minimal risk, highest potential reward

Watch for yourself

評論: after a huge gain in ETC since my last share, i split gains between fiat, ETC and ETH at current dip (23$ and 420$) knowing more dip can come because of btc in short term (hence the fiat, while still reclaimed position, and added an etc position)
評論: Double bottom, stable price, ETHBTC almost bottoming out. We had a good entry, took profit, and re-entered with a huge premium bag of money, pure bonus. Everything is going according to plan. Good luck friends and stay frosty
交易結束:目標達成: 610$ TP1 for swingers, congratz more than +150% in a month (x2.42 + some ETC) in total with all the swings
交易結束:目標達成: As we said first
"800$ max for last TP before correction "

If you did buy the dip around 500$, or anything over that, now is good time to take profits of your original stack as we did another x2.5, and put the rest of the ETH into your investor stack, or to sell even higher later, or invest in some ICOs
評論: Current prices on close time :
0.094 btc
great job im buying at 1320 for short term profit must sell and rebuy when eth drop down
very nice and professional.
Nidalas Gigantos
@Gigantos, Thank you for your kind words!
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