Ethereum 15 minute chart

2982 26
Flash Crash in Ethereum? The dangers of Cryptos. Momentarily trading at 12$
評論: Ethereum rebounded quickly but sold off in the following sessions after the flash crash.
I think it the attack of holders of bitcoin on ETH
looking at the volume the 40k sold in 10min slot doesn't even come close to the volume to $13. A glitch.. and surprise surprise eth/usd on coinbase is currently unusable. PS. I made a cool 40 Eth in the drop. I am happy!
Kevinsem aformby
@aformby, interesting perspective. I noticed coinbase was down also. funny how it always happens at the worst time. its possible its not a glitch if the 40k units were mainly sold if there was a glitch in the buying process of eth/usd.
aformby Kevinsem
@Kevinsem, even if the 40k was all sell there was over 100K eth volume to the supposed low as it happened. I suspect the server was overloaded and took a holiday on some of the requests coming to it. One of the dilemma s using sockets means your processor and memory of your server can become screwed from overloading volumes. Glitchy as hell. They just need to sort it and introduce more, better and faster enterprise hardware. NY Stock exchange can handle a tonne more traffic and they don't go down every time someone sneezes.
Kevinsem aformby
@aformby, Exactly and ETH on this website Tradingview is still frozen. it hasn't moved in like 20 minutes. It will be interesting to see where it opens
Not happening on all exchanges... glitch for sure. QuadrigaCX is still $423 CDN.
Kevinsem TerryNasir
@TerryNasir, Thanks for the heads up! I don't trade cryptos and I only follow ETC and BTC on this site so I wouldn't know.
veilkrand TerryNasir
@TerryNasir, I don't think it's a gdax glitch per se, but maybe some client glicth that started the waterfall of the stop loss
Kevinsem veilkrand
@veilkrand, Yes and the Ethereum is down 15 percent today so even if it isn't a glitch, it is still a little too volatile for my taste
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