ETH soon to become once again a LONG

Key levels to watch for buying opportunities are green box.

*Be advice
This is a short term buying opportunity to sell at red boxes as overall market in crypto is bearish .
交易進行: I'm buying with a wide stop loss
評論: Daily candle closing above 450$ would confirm more uptrend to 540$ creating a massive divergence as can be seen here
評論: If 390$ support fails and it goes lower, it will mean a severe support broken that could take the asset down to 150-190$ in the worst possible scenario.

Risk Management it's essential to survive in trading.
評論: Here's why 390$ must give support or panic will come in
交易進行: 390$ didn't give in, hope you all didn't got stopped.
評論: ETH is a buy from here all the way till 360$.
評論: Updating the chart as new information has been available

評論: Pardon me, previous chart is unreadable.

評論: Plunge Protection Team
評論: It's very clear now
交易結束:目標達成: 1st target reached
交易結束:目標達成: 2nd target
評論: Hit the play button!
As long as we don't make new lows here think we are ready : )
@btc_joe, Yeah but we can always have one last wick because honeybadger dgaf
360$ ? already at 397
@bk777, I mean't to say that if it falls again to those levels it's a buy
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