ETP Metaverse - Swing Trade Opportunity

Things you need to know before trading ETP
  • ETP is one of the whale's favorite to accumulate, pump, and dump. With current low volume and lacks of major exchanges, *unless you're the long-term holders this coin should be traded with high attention.
  • ETP has been very bearish since the big dump on 21st, there was also an exit pump on 27th and suddenly dumped to our beloved strong support at $2.20
  • ETP is resuming to its bullish state, we can see some accumulations, also the neckline has been broken already.
  • After a small pullback, if it holds, I suggest to enter this swing trade opportunity for short-term profit

  • Candles and Chikou are running above the cloud
  • Kijun crossed Tenkan above the cloud (For me it's stronger signal than crossing in/beneath the cloud)
  • Senkou has formed the green cloud

  • If you can afford low risk, consider selling@ 1st TP and also employing stop loss when needed.
  • For higher risk/return, consider selling@ 2nd TP or higher (if the old highs have been broken, we can't know how strong the bull is)
評論: First target reached, we can't really be sure about the direction as bitcoin is slightly decreasing and based on ETP's habit it can also be dumped any time.

If the weather is clear I still think we're going up much more! For those who don't have any position please wait for the clearer signals.
交易結束:目標達成: 2nd Target Reached. Congrats guys! We've made it!
Great TA Ithink we're on the money with this one. Hop on EOS too!!
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